Relationships:  Dave enjoys a dinner with fishermen in Japan.

Exploring the world

Finding a new species requires a deep knowledge of species identification and a deep dive into inaccessible, often unexplored waters, which is where Dave’s expeditions have taken him. Dave’s research and documentary work focuses on Lost Sharks, those species unknown to the public and to scientific and conservation communities. Over the last 50 years, he has traded stories, shared meals and worked alongside fishermen from all over the world who trust him to help conserve their fisheries. Whether he is giving a keynote address at a global conference, tagging megamouth or goblin sharks, or having dinner with Emperor of Japan, it’s all about discovery for Dave. “If you’re going out to sea, to a market, or talking with a fisherman, you’re still exploring.”

More than sharks

"I’ve literally had dinner with the Emperor of Japan and had sake with people in little villages in Asia. Being able to bring knowledge to other people enriches your own life and by extension it enriches other people’s life. Cumulatively, I think that’s how we help people and society as a whole." These photographs illustrate some of the experiences I've enjoyed as part of my search for lost sharks around the world. 

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Dave on location in Taiwan filming the BBC series Shark